X-MEN Origins: Wolverine Trailer

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X-MEN Origins: Wolverine Trailer

I, like many of you, greeted the initial news of yet another X-Men movie with groans of mildly exasperated rage. With all the overlooked Marvel properties out there (can we EVER get a Deadpool movie? Two Punishers and no Deadpool? Is there no justice?), you'd think they could stop flogging the X-Men dead horse for twenty minutes. But based on what I've seen so far, what looks like an X-Men prequel may actually turn out solidly well. Take a look at this new trailer. As an action movie, as a comic book movie, it should succeed in exactly those ways it intends to--delivering metric tons of adrenaline shock on a rapid scale. Will the narrative hold up under the drive to cram action down our throats? You tell me--in the comments section! Thanks for watching. And if you like this video, subscribe to our channel and give us a 5 star rating!

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