S&W M&P 360 Revolver: Hard Kickin' Featherweight

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Published 1 Nov 2009
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If you can manage the recoil, you will love it.  Weighing only 11.4 oz with its titanium cylinder and scand...
If you can manage the recoil, you will love it.  Weighing only 11.4 oz with its titanium cylinder and scandium frame, the little S&W Model 360 M&P is a joy to carry on a daily basis.  Both officers and civilian "sheepdogs" give glowing reports on how comfortable the gun is to tote around.  In my "Mobility vs Firepower" philosophy vids (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z50PFup95F8), the 360 personifies the option of Mobility and the attendant security of always having something to answer a lethal force encounter.  But as with all lightweight full-size caliber guns, there are several pricetags for this portability and comfort in carry.  First off, it's downright expensive... about double the price of similar lightweight revolvers like Taurus offerings.  Secondly, its recoil is stout especially with .357 Magnum or .38 Special +P loads.  Get ready to man up shooting this gun... it is not pleasant.  But with some practice and good technique it is manageable and this is a gun designed for carry and not plinking.  Thirdly, this little revolver has very limited firepower at just five rounds.  Just about every semi-auto option will beat that and they will offer greater slimness in carry (as shown).  You'll have to take some speed loaders with you and even then you better make your shots count.   Understand these limitations, train for them, and you find the 360 to be an outstanding backup piece or primary lightweight carry option.  With its super quality fit and finish, high viz fiber optic sights (on this model, Tritium dot available), good grips and ergonomics, a smooth trigger pull (single action fire capable as well), ability to fire within large pockets, and adequate accuracy, the Model 360 M&P remains a smart choice in a 24/7 carry gun. /////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale:  8 of 10
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