Sparta Giving Birth to 6 Kittens

By: giedri1


Uploaded on April 27, 2011 by giedri1 Powered by YouTube

Great video of our cat Sparta (Bengal cat) giving birth to 6 kittens. Includes her pregnancy, contractions, birthing, and weaning. This was her second litter.

Sparta lives in London (UK) and the people that were talking in the background was in Lithuanian.

The Bengal cats is a gentle, affectionate cat that makes a marvelous pet. They get on well with children and most other pets, being even-tempered and quiet. For that reason they are always one of the most popular breeds of cat. They are easy to train and are also the most popular choice for film and advertising directors when they need a feline star.

They are happy to be either an indoor or an outdoor cat. If allowed outdoors they will indulge their hunting instincts and often bring home their prey.

Camera Sony HDR XR 550VE were used to make this video.

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