Bob Marley I Know

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Many people have not seen Bob Marley during his eight months of fighting that took him from us so many years ago. I believe that we need to see Bob until his very last times on this earth. No different from when we want to be with a love one that is dying and are in their last days. Bob Marley having cancer did not make him any less than a man did than he was with his flowing Dreads and his abominable strength. The song entitled, "I Know" was actually a song that Bob Marley and Wailers recorded in 1975 and was to be released on the Rastaman Vibration album. It was never released on that album however in 1981 just weeks before Bob Marley died he Called Aston Family man Barret on his sick bad and told him to produce it. The song eerily spoke of the things that Bob was going through at that time during his fight against cancer. That is why I choose the song that you hear along with a picture of Bob Marley that was taking during his Chemotherapy. I know that he looks like he aged forty years, but that is what a happens to you with you have a terminal disease. Bob Marley is and will continue to bring people all over the world warmth, compassion and love and the determination to achieve the impossible. Always have people around you that love and care for you! Peace and lots of love!

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