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This is my first countdown so far, and this one is (as the title is indicating) about my top 10 Korean male group songs. It is my list, so the choices are not of any online charts, but are directly from me, and from my favorite songs.

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-NOTE: I do not own any song or MV I featured in this video
-P.S. I put only ONE song of each artist, meaning that I will never put two songs of one artist on the same list; which doesn't count if that artist is just featured in the song (example; there WON'T be Lies and Haru Haru on the same list; but if I put for example: G-Dragon ft. Taeyang I could still put Taeyang's song on the list, as that one would count as G-Dragon's song.


10. Am I that easy? - U-Kiss
9. Bad girl - B2ST/BEAST
8. Oh yeah! - MBLAQ
7. Day by Day - Big Bang
6. Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior
5. One - Epik High
4. Heartbeat - 2PM
3. Can't let you go - 1TYM
2. Ring ding dong - SHINee
1. Love in the ice - DBSK

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