NASL Season 3 - W1 D4 - IdrA Vs CrunCher - Game 1

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NASL Season 3 - IdrA vs CrunCher Week 1 - Division 4 Game 1 on Antiga Shipyard Games in this Match: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3 - Casters: Gretorp and Frodan See More StarCraft: To view more content and matches from the NASL, please visit the North American Star League website at and subscribe to our YouTube channel! About the NASL: The North American Star League was established to foster the prominence of esports and professional Starcraft 2 play in North America through highly visible organized and invigorating competition. Since its inception, NASL has grown to also include Heroes of Newerth and Tribes: Ascend as competitive titles in its league. Connect with NASL:
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