Airplanes over Belzyce (Poland) 2

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Samoloty pasażerskie nad Bełżycami część 2. Pełny opis tego co lata zamieszczony w filmie

Co nowego ? Można trafić na Airbusa A380 w barwach Singapore Airlines. Chyba nie trzeba wyjaśniać co to za maszyna ...
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This video show planes which flies over Poland (Belzyce). Mostly on route UL980 we can observe planes from hubs AMS,LHR,MAN and sometimes from DUS to Kiev, Asia, Australia and where they want ;) You see planes with flight numbers so I cannot explain about routes. I hope tah planes and lines you can recognize in video. On route UL999 flies planes from VIE,MXP,BCN,FCO to INC,NRT, Russia. On route UM860 flies Emirates from/to Dubai-JFK,GLA, Transmile Air Service and Singapore SQ351, Kuwait, B777 Qatar 051. If you have got a questions contact via mail or visit "Contrail" forum

You can observe Airbus A380 !! :)
Yeah superjumbo passing my town as Singapore SQ317. We are waiting for other A380 in Qantas, Emirates brand.

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