Gaming With Raspberry Pi, Cotton Candy, MK802, & Z802 - Open GL ES - Media Center PC - Quake 3

By: NickBrianWalters


Uploaded on May 24, 2012 by NickBrianWalters Powered by YouTube

In this Vlog I talk about how all the new ARM architecture small PC on a stick type systems will have a few options, and in some case obstacles, to begin playing games. All of these system use a subset of Open GL called Open GL ES(the ES stands for Embedded Systems), which if you want to play games natively in a full fledged Linux OS(besides Android) you will have to do one of the following 1. Depend on the community to supply patches or builds to work with Open GL ES 2. Hack on the code yourself to enable Open GL ES support Another option in Linux(besides Android) is to run games through WINE, which I've seen a n900 run Quake 3 in this manner, and it seemed to work just fine. For more complex games to run in WINE you will most likely have to use the faster Cotton Candy system, as it has a quad core cpu, so would likely run programs very smoothly via WINE. Your final option is to stick with the Android OS, which has many builds of games available. I also combined this video with my green tech vlog and showed off my newly sprouting plants in the garden. I also showed some areas where I took down trees and bushes, as well as the tilling work I'm doing in some of those places. Finally I discuss that yard waste like this should be left to dry, then used as fuel for cooking, instead of wastefully burning it in a burn pile. I also discuss that during daylight hours instead of using a stove or burning fuel I use a fresnel lens solar cooker....being green means more green in your wallet :)
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