Household Hacker Contest - SxePhil Impersonation!

By: JPizzle1122


Uploaded on May 30, 2009 by JPizzle1122 Powered by YouTube

Update: I won the 2nd Place Prize!
Thanks to Household Hacker for awarding me that awesome green-screen prize, and for holding the contest! I had a lot of fun participating!

Household Hacker Contest Entry
Click here for the original contest video:

The folks over at the very popular Household Hacker YouTube channel have issued a contest to the YouTube community: submit a video response of your best impression of a fellow YouTuber - grand prize wins lots of cool green screen equipment and software.

This is my submission to that contest - I'm impersonating one of my favorite YouTube celebs, sxephil's Phil DeFranco.


And Phil, since I'm sure you'll see this eventually - no hard feelings dude? You know it's all love :)

Created by: Jonathan Paula

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