Fallout 3: The Pitt 100 Steel Ingots Guide Part 2/2

By: TheCorrupt


Uploaded on March 25, 2009 by TheCorrupt Powered by YouTube

This is Part 2 of my Steel Ingots Guide. Turn Annotations on!!This is my very first YouTube guide, and it is sure as hell not perfect, but i hope it helps you to find all 100 Ingots without any problems. I considered speeding some parts up but then my videoeditor messes up the quality. I collect the Ingots in one "run" so you might have to wait until i get to the ones you're missing. I cut out most of the fighting to keep the length of the video as short as possible, thats why it looks awkward sometimes.You can find 79 Ingots in the Steel Yard.18 in the Supply PlantAnd 3 in the Abandoned Area. That the small map you have to cross to get to the Steel Yard, the one where Everett introduces you to the trogs. Make sure that you collect the 3 Ingots in the mine cart there!!!

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