In Memory of My Dog - (2/2) Final Moments Before Cremation

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Seeing her for the last time in the Clinic before they Cremate her body. She lay at her favourite spot,...
Seeing her for the last time in the Clinic before they Cremate her body. She lay at her favourite spot, beneath the tall kitchen stool legs that gave her a sense of security. Thought that she was still alive, napping/stoning as what she does sometimes... until she didn't seem to be moving.. and her tongue had turned greyish in color..instead of her usual bright reddish pink tongue.. Removed all the chairs from the table and inspected her. Called her name, many times. Stroked her. Tried to wake her up. But no, she wouldn't awaken. She wasn't breathing. She had gone to Heaven and we all didn't know... Cos she was fine when we came back 2hrs ago and she was still ALIVE when she barked at us(family) for her dinner(630pm), as what she does when she's hungry sometimes too... Then at 730pm, thats when we discovered that she had passed away, silently and was already cold to the touch but her body was still soft, not hard.. Her eyes were half opened.. It seemed as though in the midst of her falling asleep, the Grim Reaper took her soul away; which seemed like a Heart Attack.. I suppose her Time of Death was at 7pm, 150309. Rest in Peace my beloved pretty girl, who just turned 14yrs old(72yrs old in dog yrs) on 110209. Im just glad that we were all home at that time, to 'see' you off on your Journey, and that you didn't have to die Alone.. Dear hoshi, I hope you'll be Happy no matter where you are. I love you very much, I will miss all your crankiness and barkings to get our attention to 'serve' you your waterbowl, and the times we had to handfeed you your meals when u refused to eat from your own food bowl, and how you'll bark continuously(beg for food) when we are having our own meals by the table and I will miss a Million other things from you cos you made a huge Difference in my life. ~All dogs go to Heaven~