Nikon D300 Advanced Menu Walk Through 3 of 6, Tips, Tricks

By: bastian74


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Sorry, except for the 10 minute clips this segment is uncut. It's about an hour total.

I walk through the most frequently used features of the D300, and some less frequently used.

Custom Settings Menu
Bracketing / Flash sub menu
Modelling light
Auto Bracketing Mode / Manual Auto Bracketing
Bracketing Order
Controls sub menu
Multi selector Center button. When you push the center of the round joypad in.
Multi-selector: does it turn on the exposure meter when joypad button is pushed.
Assign custom buttons: function, preview, ae-lock. See add-on videos.
Preventing pre-flash blinking by pre-metering the flash and storing it temporarily.
Customize command dials
Release button to use dial
Setup Menu
Clean image sensor
HDMI: Can be used with a DVI computer monitor with DVI to HDMI cable. $40
Image Comment
Image auto rotation
Dust off ref photo
Image Authentication

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