Wanni Operation - Sri Lanka Military Situation on 24/07/2008

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LTTE leaders' gathering location and Training Camp raided The Sri Lanka Air Force has launched an attack on...
LTTE leaders' gathering location and Training Camp raided The Sri Lanka Air Force has launched an attack on an LTTE training camp and a location where LTTE leaders gather.. Air Force Spokesman Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara giving details about the raid on the training camp said the incident happened at 7.30 this morning. The attack was carried with Air Force fighter jets. The camp was located four kilometers, North of the Muthiankattu Tank in Oddusudan. The Air Force Spokesman opined that the raid was successful. Meanwhile, he pointed out that an LTTE leaders' gathering centre was raided at around 2.30 this afternoon with Air Force fighter jets. It was located two and half kilometres East of Thunnakkai. Demonstrations in Europe against terrorists Sri Lankan expatriates take the lead against LTTE loyalists injecting oxygen to the outfit, which is suffering a major defeat in the Northern operations.. Our Special Representative Anura Medagedera reporting from London said the series of demonstrations will be staged in European cities for three days beginning from tomorrow.The Anti Terrorist Sri Lankan Organisation is planning the demonstrations in European cities under the theme "Victory for Motherland and Defeat for Terrorism". These will begin tomorrow and continue until Sunday. Its purpose is to make the European state leaders aware of LTTE terrorism. The demonstrations will begin in the Finland capital Helsinki tomorrow. Demonstrations in Athens, Berlin and Paris will be staged on Saturday, while another massive protest is arranged near the official residence of the British Prime Minister on Sunday. Our Special Representative opined that many Sri Lankans have already expressed their willingness to join in these demonstrations. Another purpose of this effort is to counter false propaganda unleashed by pro LTTE elements against the Sri Lankan Government and the gallant soldiers who are achieving many victories in the North. Military operations against the LTTE will continue The Government has emphasised that operations to liberate the innocent Northern civilians from the clutches of the terrorists will continue unabated.. Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa said the Government was working to protect the sovereignty of the country although certain politicians had acted without considering the nation. Addressing the Cabinet news briefing at the Parliamentary Complex today, the Minister observed that the Government had clearly stated it cannot agree to a ceasefire. They are not prepared for any talks until the LTTE disarms. Many LTTE dominated areas as well as civilians have been liberated after the security forces embarked on humanitarian operations. It was possible to hold elections in the East. The Government's intention is to vanquish terrorism and create a conducive environment for the civilians to live according to their whims and fancies. Therefore, the Government is not prepared to be trapped. It strongly believes of a period in which the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities can live unitedly with a Sri Lankan identity. Minister Anura Yapa opined that air raids were carried out at terrorist targets after clearly monitoring these locations. He added that there was no need to halt the raids as the attacks are targeted at LTTE camps. Wanni operation - Sri Lankan Army - Defence Ministry