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Summer with loud pop vocals and breakbeats? I've been spending many crazy summers down at the Greek islands and I beg to differ. Summer needs emotion, needs melody, needs rhythm. Too much sexiness wasted in the original; the video has so much potential that I'm hoping to unlock with this remix.

It's a brand new era for my remixes. I haven't released much for more than a month and this is because I have reached the limits of the software I've been using, forcing me into searching for a new production home. This change has brought vast differences in the technology behind my remixing and you can probably hear that in this remix.

I have also reached a threshold were I seek for better sounds and new techniques, making me not being happy with anything that sounds average. I have spent on this remix alone more than 30 hours, creating a range of different sounds and sequences, testing different techniques and eventually erasing everything and leaving only the best few parts that express my emotions.

In addition from now on my remixes are extended by default, ready to be played at the clubs and included in DJ mixes. That means they include a special intro and outro to allow for easier mixing. The order of the song is changed in many parts and many of the parts are repeated allowing some more creativity in the video too.

Robotaki is also releasing a remix of this song, so make sure you check it out for some really great electro house sounds.

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