Nong Natt น้องแนท Blue Lingerie Sexy Strip Dance

By: Vanpatar


Uploaded on September 26, 2007 by Vanpatar Powered by YouTube

Here is a video clip of Nong Natt, a popular Thai Actress/model ( and now infamously famous porn star ) performing a very sexy strip dance. "Nong Natt" is of course the now well known modeling stage name of the popular Thai actress and singer "Natt Chanapa" ( whose real name is Kesarin Chaichalermpol ) known in most of her movie and TV work in Thailand, way before her problems with her doing Hardcore Porn back when she was 19 years old ( which is ironically illegal for any Thai national to do anywhere ) surfaced nationally in the Thai press. This video clip ( and her infamous Porn movie )was done before she became famous in the Thai entertainment industry for her "regular" TV and movie work. This incident is recounted in Nong's somewhat autobiographical Thai movie "Bant-teuk lap Nong Natt" or "The secret story of Nong Natt". Now If you seen this video clip in it's entirety before, you know that it is much longer than this, and *much* sexier, but I'm afraid that I would be violating Youtube's Terms of Agreement Rules or something. Anyway, even though I had to censor this video to put it here, at least you all would have the opportunity to see the incredibly hot and beautiful Natt Nong in "action". She is truly one of the sexiest women I've ever seen.

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