Classic Game Room HD NEO-GEO CD Controller Review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews the NEO-GEO CD Controller for the SNK Neo Geo CD video game console which was released in 1994 to cut manufacturing costs from the expensive Neo-Geo AES and give consumers the chance to play awesome Neo-Geo games for less money. So you think theyd give you a crappy controller to reduce the price right? Think again! The Neo-Geo CD controller is one of the best, most playable gamepads ever created. It has a combination joystick/d-pad thingy that makes clicking sounds and feels great. The button layout is well designed, they are large and easy to press but not too large so that theyre goofy and stupid. Build quality is high and the cord is thick and sturdy. The Neo Geo CD controller is similar in size and style to the Sega Genesis controller and Sega Saturn gamepad. So check it out, when you want to play Neo Geo CD get one of these things because theyre great for fighting games, SHMUPS and all SNK action titles! CGR is reviewing SNK Neo-Geo video games with this Neo Geo controller, now that CGRHD is a Neo Geo CD game reviewer reviewing Neo Geo classics and Neo Geo SHMUPS, fighting games and arcade classics like Nam 75.

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