Duke Nukem 3D Homages by PencilPusher93

By: PencilPusher93


Uploaded on August 21, 2009 by PencilPusher93 Powered by YouTube

Hey guys, another Duke video.

I saw a video of homages in the video game Blood (PC game by Monolith) by my good friend Forsete on YouTube (check out his channel!) and I decided to make make a Duke Homages video.
I had all the homages in every level done and the credits at the end of the video done, but I had an accident with Windows Movie Maker, and half of the video (or less, not sure) was cut and deleted.
This is not all of the homages in Duke Nukem 3D, just all of the homages in Episode 1, 2, 3 and a few homages in the first level of episode 4, The Birth. Sorry if I disappointed anyone by not having done all of them. Accidnents happen.

Anyway, enjoy!

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