Lazy Legs VS Crutch - Breakdancers - Remix by Spinergy

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Thank you for reading this section today. The video I present here I didn't make. The dancers are Lazy Legs, and I think Crutch, whom are the world's best disABLED breakdancers.

I was using StumbleUpon and came across this filed under Adult Humor, and Adult Comedy on a web site called College Humor.

I didn't see this as being funny, but really cool!

Even when I was able bodied I could NEVER do any of these moves in my wildest dreams.

The music played is my mixing, and layered over the original aduio as it was really muddy.

EQUIPMENT - One Dell PC 2.8 P4 CPU.
Mix Programs:

Video editor MS Movie Maker.
One disABLED DJ in the mix - Me (Spinergy)

PLAYLIST: For my Ten minute Mix:
FloRida Ayer, FloRida LOW, Deboniare Maggatron, Madonna Like a Prayer, Al Nayfish (The Soul), Public Enemy How low can you go, Electric Kingdom, Clear, I think that is it for this one.

OOPS Oh yeah Bass Dominator, DJ Magic Mike and the Royal Posse Drop that Bass, Jam on it... Sheesh... So many to keep up with LOL

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