Barney and the Backyard Gang : Three Wishes Part 1

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The Backyard Gang is bored on a Saturday with nothing to do. That is, until they use their imaginations to bring Barney to life. When they tell Barney their problem, he acts like a genie and gives them three wishes to go anywhere they would want to go. Using their imaginations, they go to places like a beautiful green park, a fun-filled animal farm, and even the Moon. But when Barney goes, the kids are upset their friend has to go, but they learn from Mom that "friends are forever, when they're make-believe".

Barney Theme Song
Do Your Ears Hang Low
I Love You
London Town
Teddy Bear
Mr. Knickerbocker
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
I See the Moon
The Rocket Song
Meledy: Jack Be Nimble, Ring Around the Rosie London Bridge
The Rocket Song (reprise)
Old MacDonald
Friends Are Forever

(c) Lyons Group 1989

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