Why Mom, Why? A Nick Jonas Love Story Chapter 25 [18+]

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~Nick's POV~
(Our relationship was doing great! Joni was now on a walk with Lucky, and I was busy working on a romantic dinner for the two of us, to celabrate our one week anniversary. Suddenly the doorbell rang. It couldn't be Joni, she had a key. I wondered who it was... I walked to the door, and opened it. I was shocked to see who was standing in front of me.)
?: Hi Nicky!
Nick: What the hell are you doing here Miley?!
Miley: Way to greet an old friend, Nicky. I'm just here for a visit.
Nick: Well, too bad, I'm busy.
Miley: Hum... What do I smell?
(She walked straight past me, into the livingroom. I threw my hands in the air and let an aggravated sigh out. I walked after her.)
Miley: Aww! A romantic dinner for the two of us? You knew I was coming, didn't you?
(She was faking it. She was faking it all. I narrowed my eyes.)
Nick: Honestly, if I knew you were coming, there'd be cops here right now.
Miley: Well, that's not very nice of you...
(She tried to speak seductively. But it didn't work. At least not on me... She came closer and closer, and I backed up, until I was stuck agaisnt the wall. She was still coming closer, and suddenly her lips grazed mine. I tried to push her away, but it was already too late... Joni had come in and she saw Miley kissing me. Finally I was able to push her away. Joni had tears in her eyes.)
Nick: Baby it's not what it looks like!

~Joni's pov~

(I just came back from a walk with Lucky. She was just so cute... Tonight Nick and I would have a romantic dinner, in honour of our one week anniversery. In fact, he was preparing it right now. When I entered the house, it smelled delicious. I walked to the kitchen with a huge smile on my face, but that smile soon got wiped away from my face... When I entered the kitchen I saw Nick pressed to the wall, while kissing Miley. He pushed her off of him as soon as he heard me come in. The tears jumped in my eyes. He looked at me with wide eyes.)
Nick: Baby it's not what it looks like!
Joni: I wouldn't be so sure about that, Nick! It sure did seem like you were having fun!
Miley: Yeah, Nicky... Didn't you like kissing me?
(She pouted. I almost puked.)
Nick: NO! I didn't even kiss back, I swear!
Miley: It sure did seem like that to me, Nicky.
(Will someone please stop me from killing that preppy girl standing in front of me?!)
Nick: Baby, I didn't! I SWEAR!
Joni: Don't call me baby!
Nick: Ba- JoJo, you know I wouldn't cheat, especially not on a wonderful girl like you.
Joni: How am I supposed to believe that if I just fucking caught you doing it?!
Nick: Because I love you...
Joni: You know what? Bye. I wish you and Miley a lot of luck, and I'll ask mom if she can blow up the wedding.
Nick: No-
Miley: I think that's an excellent idea, right Nicky?
Joni: And just so you know, I'm taking Lucky too.
(I turned around, and went upstairs. I just packed some necessities. I would pick up the rest later. The tears were streaming down my face by now. I grabbed some stuff for Lucky, and put it all in the car. I went in the house one more time to get Lucky, and I noticed Miley and Nick were in a huge fight, but I wasn't paying any attention to what they were saying. I just wanted to get the hell out of this place. I put Lucky in the passenger seat, and drove off to my old house. Once the car was parked I stepped out, and stormed to Shanna's room with Lucky in my arms. She was playing a tune on her guitar, but she quickly dropped it once she saw me and my tearstained face.)
Shanna: What happened, baby sis?!
(She held her arms open, and I let myself fall into them. She gently stroked my hair.)
Shanna: Hey... Shh... Shh... You can tell me what's wrong once you've calmed down a bit, okay?

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