[[Smooth Criminals ]] - HUVS Michael Jackson Mix - Multicrossover ♥

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[Pffft, Flynn took over 2 of the thumbnails e.e x3] Hey there :)) After weeks of torturing myself to finally get this done, here it is! My part for the HUVS Michael Jackson mix :333 It's been 2 years since he died and we all still remember The King Of Pop, he deserves something to keep that memory alive, even if it is such a small thing like this (: I'm warning you: This video S.U.C.K.S .__. Please forgive my lack of effects, uncoherency between stories and horrible maskings T.T Specialy the end, the end is crap .__. But I was so tired of this, I jus wanted to finnish it once and for all, so I started with all the nonsense u.u I don't even hope you like it, I just hope you don't hate it! D: And please forgive the last seconds of a dark screen, I forgot to shorten up the watermark and the frame :S In this video, I introduce to you 3 stories [since aparently I don't have enough imagination to do a 1 minute video about just 1 story .__.] SinbadxAriel JimxKayley FlynnxRapunzel //Non seen on the video// Sinbad, Jim & Flynn are a group of friends, they're all troublemakers, everyone knows that, but they cross the line when the 3 women they love cheat on them, or maybe they just weren't as easy going as they expected, that's when "trouble" becomes "murder" Ariel and Kayley are sisters, but they live far away from each other, since their parents are divorced. Rapunzel is a friend of them, and she's also Jim's sister. She met Flynn because of her brother. After breaking up with him, Rapunzel was the only one who knew what Flynn was able to do when he was angry, so she got to get him arrested for stalking her// One night, someone misteriously appears on Ariel's house. Ariel is so scared, she runs away and hides in her room. Meanwhile, the person, Sinbad, is just taking it easy, drinking Ariel's drinks, and later goes after her. She wasn't hard to find. When Ariel realizes tha it's Sinbad, she tries to fight with him, but Sinbad threatens her and that's when Ariel gets most scared. Sinbad kills her and runs away, just waiting for Jim to do his part of the job. At the other side of the sea, Jim is hiding to surprise his girlfriend, Kayley, but he's the one surprised when he hears her talking about "this guy" that she met, that was so cute and that was blind, which for some strange reason was the most romantic thing ever. Jim is very angry at Kayley. That night, Kayley was looking for Jim and she finds him hidding in the forrest. He looks mad, and when Kayley dares to ask why, Jim explodes [not literaly] and yells at her, saying she's a goddamn floozy. Kayley's scared cause she never saw Jim acting that way, and runs away from him. Jim goes after her and makes her fall down a cliff. Jim runs away too, just enjoying the feeling of having gotten rid of her. That same night, Rapunzel has a strange premonition, she sees Flynn, her ex boyfriend, breaking out of prision and he's decided to go for her. She's scared but she doesn't know what to do, so she stays there, waiting. Flynn arives to her tower, and chains her so he can torture her a little bit before getting rid of her. But Rapunzel's stepmother, Mother Gothel, who's not a heroine, but is willing to kill anything that would keep Rapunzel away from her, stabs Flynn. He knows he is going to die, but he will not go alone. Flynn acts like he's sorry for everything he ever did to Rapunzel and asks her for a kiss goodbye before leaving this world. Poor innocent Rapunzel buys his lies, reachs out for him and that's when Flynn, before leaving this world, gets the job done. That's kinda it. I think I got over inspired with these stories, but once the ideas started to show, I couldn't stop! There's only 2 things I like about this video: The song The stories I got realllyyyy into the stories, I even want to start writing them down and make a novel xDd haha, okay, not .__. x3 I want to dedicate this video to my BFF Fey, cause I couldn't go to her house today cause I had the stress of finnishing this, and I couldn't help her with her math project :S I'm really really sorry! I feel horrible for that, this wasn't even worth it T.T Please, forgive me ! :S #72 - Most commented (today 06/24/11) - México ^^ Leave a comment, pretty please! :3 Sub me, if you like my videos :3 Español: PERO QUE FLOJERA ESCRIBIR TODO DE NUEVO D: Gina, porque te inspiras taaaaaanto escribiendo malditas descripciones que nadie lee? -.- Intentare escribir todo el punto del video despues, por ahora lo unico que quiero traducir es esto: Quiero dedicar este video a una de mis mejores amigas, Fey, por que por el estres de terminar esto no fui con ella hoy a ayudarla con una tarea T.T D verdad, perdoname Fey! Me siento horrible por no ir, esto ni siquiera valio la pena T.T Espero me perdones, recuerda que te quiero muchisisimo, okay? :)))
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