*T O M M O R O W S H a P P I N E S* For "Zack"

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~*Does Every Story Have An Ending?*~ This video is for somebody. I'm not saying who. I'm just putting "...
~*Does Every Story Have An Ending?*~ This video is for somebody. I'm not saying who. I'm just putting "Zack" there because that's who he is in the video. Except "Zack" is still alive and I do talk to him. But I don't wanna say who it is. Storyline: It's starts off in the future when Zack is at a grave of a woman... Zack has a gun pointed at his back. He turns around and notices that is a woman. She took the gun off him. He asked him her name. She said Yuna. Yuna wouldn't have tolled him her name if he didn't do that cute smile. So they later became friends. Yuna told Zack about how her lover left her and walked out of her life. She hugged Zack at the thought of thinking of her lover. Zack and Yuna became more of lovers but they couldn't. Yuna had her way and Zack had his way. One day Zack got a letter from Yuna saying that she was to marry a Maester from were she lived. But she didn't want to marry him. She wanted to be with Zack . And Zack wanted to be with Yuna. Zack goes to Yuna's wedding but is horrified. When Yuna kisses the maester she didn't seem happy. Zack wasn't happy either. After the wedding, Yuna prayed to her fayth that she wanted to be with Zack and not the Maester. But the religion didn't want that so the fayth took her from her world. Zack cried. He buried Yuna. After he looked through a photo album Yuna made for him. There were pictures of both of them having some fun. Some of just Zack some of just Yuna. But one picture ZAck stared at. it was taken January 23. It was a picture of Yuna hugging Zack.Zack decided to go to war with the Maesters Army. He fought with the army and almost won. But near the end...he was too weak to go on. Yuna was in his mind and he was shot by some soldiers. Then he was shot in the head. Yuna found out in the Farplane and went back to the surface. Zack asked Yuna one thing. He asked her to send him. Yuna wanted to heal him. Not send him. But she did what she was told. She sent him. And Yuna became mortal again. Before Zack's body disapeared...she went down to hug him. But he disapeared and Yuna was on the ground and watched the last pyrfly go to the farplane. Studios:(Im sick on Intros) Sparkling Dimonds Studio Evernight Academy Studios Everlasting Dream Studio Gift of the Goddess Productions Ocenic Rain Studios Angel of You Studios Video Info: Song: Shattered Artist: Trading Yesterday Program Used: Sony Vegas 8 Pro Made by: MistressPharah Footage: Final Fantasy X, Final fantasy X-2, Crisis Core :Disclaimer: Not associated with musical artist or game company. Purely fan made