Pak-China Friendship to New Heights : Synonym for Perfection - Part 6 (Last Part)

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Pakistan and China are close neighboring countries linked withcommon rivers and mountains. The friendship between the two peoples is of long standing and has become even stronger as time goes by. These relations began in 1950 when Pakistan was among the first countries to break relations with the Republic of China on Taiwan and recognize the People's Republic of China. The People's Republic of China's relationship with Pakistan has often been regarded as all weather and time tested. The two countries are also actively involved in the joint venture of several projects to enhance each others' military needs, including JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft, K-8 Karakorum advance training aircraft, space technology, AWACS, Al-Khalid tank,missiles and many other projects. The two countries also held several military exercises together to further deepen and enhance cooperation between the two armed forces.

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