New BMW 7 Series 2012 2013 Commercial Part 2 New BMW 7 Series 2012 Commercial - Carjam Radio Show [18+]



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Carjam Car Radio Show -- RTE Radio 1 -- A Car Show About People Facebook: Website: Radio: Twitter: Youtube: Blog: Register interest: The new BMW 7 Series is the new benchmark in the luxury segment. Besides the revised design, the product substance has been improved dramatically. This clip gives you detailed informations about the new BMW 7 Series design. The new BMW 7 Series: 0:00 and 6:45 Highlights by Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Brand Communication BMW 0:55 Exterior design by Christopher Weil, Exterior Designer BMW 7 Series 2:58 Interior design by Max Rathmann, Interior Designer BMW 7 Series 4:36 Interface design by Dr. Michael Herrler, Interior Details and Interface Designer BMW 7 Series he BMW 7 Series is a line of full-size luxury vehicles produced by the German automaker BMW. Introduced in 1977, it is BMW's flagship car and is only available as a sedan or extended-length limousine. The 7 Series traditionally introduces technologies and exterior design themes before they trickle down to smaller sedans in BMW's lineup.[ The 5th generation F01/F02 came out January 2009. The F01/F02 heralded the introduction of the ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. Five variants are showcased at debut, 750Li, 740Li, 750i, 740i, and 730d. The BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October 2008.[27] In August 2009 BMW announced the production versions of the ActiveHybrid 7, together with BMW ActiveHybrid X6. The 2011 ActiveHybrid 7 is a mild hybrid and features a 0.4-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack.[28] The electric motor is combined with BMW's 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 and new 8-speed automatic transmission to accelerate from 0 -- 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds.[29] Estimated EPA fuel economy is 17 miles per US gallon (14 L/100 km; 20 mpg-imp) city and 26 miles per US gallon (9.0 L/100 km; 31 mpg-imp) for highway, which represents almost an 18% improvement over the non-hybrid 750i/Li.[29] US sales began in June 2010 with a base MSRP price of $103,125 for the ActiveHybrid 7 and $107,025 for the long wheelbase ActiveHybrid 7L. The ActiveHybrid 7 qualifies for a $900 U.S. Federal Tax Credit.[29] carjamradio "car jam radio" "car radio show" "car talk radio show" "carjam" ferrari "car talk" "RTE Radio 1" "James Bond Special" "RTE Car Show" "Car Radio Programme" "Radio show about cars" "bbc top gear" "car tv programme" "car television show" "great car ad 2011" "funny commercials 2012" "Car Commercial 2012" "banned car commercials 2012" "funny commercials 2011" "Car Commercial 2011" "banned car commercials 2011"f1 "formula one" "funny videos" "classic cars" evo "best car ads 2011" "funny car ads 2011" "funniest fail" "sexy car ad 2011" "road test" "road review" "car test" "road report" "driving test" hot sexy new nissan fast Porsche suv "celebrity car" maserati vw audi 4x4 estate lotus fiat "alfa romeo" subaru toyota ford impreza "high speed" "tractor" "rally car" crashes accidents
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