1985 Pikes Peak Audi Quattro S1 Mouton

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In this video you will see Michele Mouton setting a new record on The 1985 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in her factory sponsored Group B, Audi Sport quattro S1 with a time of 11:25.39. She was not only the fastest overall in 1985, but also set a record which still remains unbeaten to this day by a female driver. The car is now in the UK. Pikes Peak is a 4301 m mountain in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and is the scene for the most famous hill climb event in the. world. For teams and drivers alike, it demands endurance and speed over the. 19.96 km gravel road, which includes 157 un-guard-railed corners in the climb from 2866 m up to the 4.301 m summit (Mt Kosciusko in Australia is only 2230 m high!

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