Canon in D Piano Improv

By: philipawalker


Uploaded on March 13, 2010 by philipawalker Powered by YouTube

Aha, I haven't had a new video in quite a while ^^"
Quite a few people have asked for something like this since I first started putting up these videos, so I thought I'd finally do one of these...I messed up in places, it's kind of short, and very randomly organized, but I hope it's still enjoyable xD

This was not an on spot improv, I came up with these ideas over two days or so...
I kind of took some ideas from La Campanella (like large leaps in the right hand) and used them in this improv. I was kind of hoping that playing them in this would make it a little bit easier to do for La Campanella ^^"

The piano is somewhat out of tune, so I hope that it doesn't bug you too guys too much...and my video camera doesn't record bass well...
anyways, enough talking xD

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the music ^^

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