MERKAVA THEATER TRAINING David 7 (passover) [18+]

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david 7 (theory: passover). MERKAVA JEWISH THEATER (MJT). DIRECTOR: FRANKLYN WEPNER. The other performer in this video (in addition to myself) is (lawyer) David Schwartz. In this "MJT TRAINING" series of videos I am demonstrating how Gestalt Therapy work on awareness, dreams and personal relationships can serve as a foundation for releasing creativity in performers (actors, dancers, singers) and others. The roots of their personality that people discover in Gestalt work are seeds or essences that then can be expanded into physical and vocal expressions, and these, in turn, can be refined into artistic forms suitable for creative work for the performing arts in particular and for life in general . Writers, visual artists, spiritual searchers and others also can use these creative seeds as a source of grounding for their lives and their work. Over the years I have used various labels as the name of my process and the name of the company of actors I was working with at the time. For a while the name was "Nomos Life Lab", then "Gestalt Theater of Philadelphia", and when I immigrated to Israel (in 1981) I selected the name "Merkava Jewish Theater", since the foundation of my work is to train a performer to serve as a vessel or chariot (Hebrew: merkava) of the spirit. This series of videos begins with a general description of the process, and then zeros in on demonstrations of work with particular individuals, some of whom are performers and others who while not thinking of themselves as performers have made a decision to develop their creative powers through plumbing the depths of their life by means of the tools available in this process. Of course, any in depth personal search for truth in life relates directly to the spiritual search that occupies religiously inclined people, and so it should be obvious why a certain percentage of time in these videos is devoted to showing parallels between these therapeutic and creative processes and similar themes explored in Jewish religious texts, especially (1) "Likutei Moharan" (collected essays) of Nachman of Breslav, (2) the "Introduction To The Zohar" of Yehuda Ashlag, (3) the "Tanya" of Schneur Zalman, and (4) the "Guide For he Perplexed" of Moses Maimonides. A general goal of this workshop series is to move gradually towards a finished theatrical product, which then will be presented as part of this series of videos. But while an artistic product would be desirable, more important for this project is the training process itself. Therefore, the process you are viewing here already is the primary product, and the final performance is only a secondary result, Like the icing on a cake. An earlier video which had similar goals is "Awareness Work With Bel Baca". That two hour demo video of 2006 really should be regarded as part of this same series of training videos. That video and the present 2012 videos all will be found at my "" website. The theory part of these videos is presented in a series of essays which I also have put on that website. In addition, on that website you will find (1) many videos I made of my own dreamwork, (2) my own original musical shows on Jewish topics, and (3) my retelling of traditional Jewish stories with an original musical accompaniment. So far on the website there are about 30 hours of videos and 1500 pages of essays. Overall, there is quite a wide range of offerings in the videos. Some of them are intended as simple light enterainment, while others are uncompromising forays into the depths of inner space, going as far as the therapy, performing, philosophical and religious tools - along with our courage, intellect and motivation - will take us. TO VIEW OR DOWNLOAD ALL OF MY VIDEOS, PLUS 1500 PAGES OF MY EXPLANATORY ESSAYS (ALL AT NO CHARGE) PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE: ALSO PLEASE NOTE MY NEW EMAIL ADDRESS, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH ME ANY COMMENTS ABOUT MY WORK: IN THE LISTING OF VIDEOS THE LETTERS (HQ) REFER TO A HIGHER QUALITY VERSION OF THE VIDEO, WHICH IS AVAILABLE TO YOU IF YOUR COMPUTER CAN HANDLE IT. ALL OF MY VIDEOS IN THEIR ORIGINAL UN-BUTCHERED FORM ALSO ARE AVAILABLE AT VIMEO.COM. CHOPPED UP VERSIONS OF MOST OF THEM CAN BE FOUND ON JEWTUBE, YOUTUBE, METACAFE AND MYSPACE. THE ESSAYS ARE ONLY ON MY OWN WEBSITE.
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