Coheed & Cambria - Welcome Home (Instrumental) FULL Song.

By: Atreyu142


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This is the closest* thing you will get to a studio recording.

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I alone mixed, editted, and almost fully silenced the vocals in the song. There are some parts where the vocals are very faint, I cannot do anything about it. I tried my best and put full effort into this. Graphics made by me and created in Photoshop CS4.

Sorry it took a while for a Download Link, I've been busy, anyways here's the link to download the MP3.
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This other link is a slightly modified version of this instrumental. 85% of the song has been enhanced. Most of the cracky scratchy drum cymbals are gone. Some small sections may have a weird sounds or gaps in between. That is because some sections reacted differently to the enhancer I used. Again, nothing I can do about it. Overall this version sounds better but I leave both versions out to download. Enjoy.
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