Garrymon Ep01 - Garrymon: I Choose You!

By: SpawnThemAll


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First I want to say that if you like Garrymon, Please, Spread the word! We will totally appreciate every single effort into making Garrymon more hip!

Episode Description
Meet John Freeman, a young boy from the town of gm_pallet. Now that he is old enough to get a Garrymon lisence, he will get his first Garrymon as they will both have to journey on to a world full of adventure, mystery and secrets that they will have to unfold, In the world of Garrymon!

Thanks to all the subscribers who have supported us all this time ( seriously, 1000th subscribers without even one episode! ) Hopefully this past 2 months of waiting for the episode hasn't been a complete waste of time and we hope we made the episode exactly how you imaging it and if not, then better than you imaging it.

We are accepting any kind of constructive criticism, so please send us a private message on YouTube letting us know what you thought could have been better. Believe it or not, we appreciate it.

Last but not least, DavyMacaroni ( sorry for mispelling your name on the video :( ) was the first to use his brain and guess the name of the Garrymon before anyone else! Props to him! Here is the link to his channel:

Enjoy the episode & thanks for watching

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