The Stork is the Bird of War

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Created by Nina Paley Visit her site at *******blog.ninapaley****/ Excerpt from her bio: "Enough wit...
Created by Nina Paley Visit her site at *******blog.ninapaley****/ Excerpt from her bio: "Enough with accessible children's films! thought I, as I plunged headlong into a controversial series about overpopulation and the environment. The centerpiece of this trilogy, which I now call my "Fertility Cycle," was the 3-and-a-half minute The Stork (2002), in which a serene natural landscape is bombed by bundles of joy. I expected the film to be extremely unpopular, and possibly end my animation career; although I was now confident in my abilities as an animator, I knew the subject matter would anger viewers. The Stork did anger some, but much to my surprise it was my most successful film yet, winning first prize at the EarthVision Environmental Film Festival and an unsolicited invitation to Sundance (2003). This experience confirmed that taking great risks in art can lead to greater rewards. I also experienced a powerful catharsis; once The Stork and my other population films were completed, I was relieved of a huge burden of anger. I truly exorcized some demons with that project." Note from SkepticalProgressive: I reconverted the video using Sony Vegas and have uploaded it here in higher quality due to the general poor quality of other copies on Youtube (likely due to being converted directly from the MOV file available on Nina's website).