Male Breast Reduction(gynecomastia Correction)Bangalore Dr.M.S.Venkatesh

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*******www***smeticsurgerybangaloreindia****/Gynecomastia The change in the Indian society has sent a clea...
*******www***smeticsurgerybangaloreindia****/Gynecomastia The change in the Indian society has sent a clear signal:Masculinity has turned a corner.And a new body approach is doing the rounds,from extensive workouts,to diet regimes and surgical procedures Gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts), is a very common condition in men. It can result in embarrassment, cruel teasing, and social trauma. Men so affected will try to hide it with thick shirts, avoiding bare chested activities, and withdrawing from public exposure. The common complaint is their embarrassment which they face when they have to take off their shirts for a swim and also when they need to take off their shirt during some of the traditional hindu festival poojas.The embarrassment may be so severe that many of them loose their self esteem and go into depression.Boys at school are often the candidates for teasing especially during sports when they need to wear sports wear which may reveal their enlarged breasts Power assisted or even routine wet liposuction followed by gland excision can give gratifying results.T he procedure is done through a small puncture incision at the nipple areola complex.pressure garments are necessary to be worn for a period of four to six weeks following the procedure.