I Wanna Be The Guy - Complete Run (Part 1 of 5)

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This is my video of a full (complete) run (all secret items and bosses) of IWBTG (I Wanna Be The Guy). It's...
This is my video of a full (complete) run (all secret items and bosses) of IWBTG (I Wanna Be The Guy). It's devided in 5 parts, so that I could upload 'em all to youtube. The actual gameplay starts around 2:25 (yes a long intro :P). I did not skip any scenes. I, sometimes tried to go thru the screens as fast as possible (sort of speedrun or rush it) (also tried some boss rushes) and I made the video so that it would be one continious movement. (no screen skipping/dieing/saving and no pressing s at boss fights). I also tried not to use any bugs and to play so that people would know where the traps are etc. (Sort of a walkthough) Although sometimes you couldn't show everything, because that would get you killed and I didn't want that ;). I did all this in hard mode, but sometimes busted my nuts because I didn't wanted to save at some points to make it look smoother. When I was reaching the end I realised I might as well had tried it in Very Hard mode, but that would probably have costed me a lot more time and since most (sane) people don't even try to go there I thought it would be better just to show it in Hard mode. (I have not tried to play in Very Hard mode and to be honoust I am not planning on doing so :P) Here's part 1, enjoy. Part 1: 0:00 - Intro 2:27 - Taking the upper path 3:02 - Secret Item 1 picked up 3:52 - Start first Boss fight (against Mike Tyson) 5:50 - Defeated Mike Tyson 8:36 - Secret Item 2 picked up 8:43 - Start second Boss fight (against Mecha-Birdo) 9:53 - Defeated Mecha-Birdo End of Part 1. Additional info: First time I started making this video I realised half way there I recorded everything with only 10 fps and that that probably didn't look good when you try to upload it. I tried to record it with 24 fps, but my PC couldn't handle it. Luckily the next day my laptop got fixed (My laptop is better then my PC :P). So I restarted the game from scratch. All in all everything worked out fine. No lagging/going out of sync. (except for 1 small part in part 5, but luckily it restored itself somehow). I think that was enough reading, the intro should be done by now :). Have fun watching. NOTE: You can download the game here *******kayin.pyoko****/iwbtg/