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One morning while meditating I got the idea to pick up garbage and be of service to the Ocean rather than pillage its sea shells like I had been doing for the previous days leading up to creating BOW (Bless Ocean Water) by bowing and picking up other people's karma while at the same time balancing mine from all of the garbage I have littered in my life. Sometimes I get upset when I see people looking at me and I can feel that I am picking up their karma and then I remember the hand that gives is given and I immediately (silently) thank them for being of service to help me continue to grow and glow... Sometimes when I am feeling really energetic I run from piece to piece and get a real good sweat on, hokey stop and goes, push ups, back bends... by the end of my Running Bowing I am full of Earth energy and Ocean gratitude as I feel the warmth of the Sun kiss my body and the salty wind caress my skin.
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