KESHA + STAR WARS Tik Tok Music Video Spoof!

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A Star Wars themed, Ke$ha Tik Tok music video spoof! We've also referenced a couple of other movies and ha...
A Star Wars themed, Ke$ha Tik Tok music video spoof! We've also referenced a couple of other movies and have thrown in some Easter Eggs for the hard core Star Wars crowd. SUBSCRIBE to our channel! We have more fun videos on the way. And while you're at it, be our Facebook friend too: *******www.facebook****/#!/pages/Teddie-Films/358535739234?ref=ts *************************************************** CREATED BY THE DYNAMIC DUO BEHIND TEDDIE FILMS: EDDIE KING + TYLER MARSHALL UPDATE: Some have incorrectly left of Tyler's name in the crediting of this video. To be clear, TYLER MARSHALL should also be credited as a creator of this video. ( visit *******www.motorcademag**** to see musician interviews done by eddie) *************************************************** CREDITS: Big Time Production Help: Breanne King, Ryan Richardson, and Andrea Williams Gear Provided by: Mark Andersen of Andersen Studios, *******www.andersenstudiosinc**** Special Thanks to The Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center for letting us film in their amazing space center, *******www.spacecamputah****/ Lightsabers and a blaster provided by: the Routts Milennium Falcon / Eagle 5 provided by: Carol Richardson Princ(ess) Leia: Eddie King Han Solo: Chase McMillan C3PO: Brian Williams Chewbacca: Paul Richardson ( *******elpabloreal**** ) Storm Trooper 1: Ryan Richardson Kid Storm Trooper: Matty Routt Storm Trooper 2: Ryan Simmons Nova Trooper: izzi Keener Darth Vader: Eric Sevy Fem Trooper: Bambi Sevy Storm Trooper 3: Joe Sevy Star Trek security guard: Blake Faulkner Star Trek Ladies (in no particular order): Breanne King, Andrea Williams, Allison Robertson, Laura Prete, Shannon Johnson, Heather Lea Walker Zweig, Emily McMillan *************************************************** FAQ: 1. WITH WHAT CAMERA WAS THIS VIDEO SHOT? This was all shot on the amazing RED camera using a variety of RED lenses (provided by Andersen Studios, *******www.andersenstudiosinc**** ) 2. WHAT SOFTWARE DID YOU USE TO EDIT THIS VIDEO? Final Cut Pro, with a couple of basic effects added via After Effects 3. WHY DIDN'T YOU INDIVIDUALLY NAME THE CAST AND CREW IN THE ACTUAL VIDEO? Ok, so only 1 person asked this question, but I feel bad enough about leaving this out that I will address it here. Basically, we ran out of time. If you go to our video on Kesha's contest page, you'll notice that we got our video up on her site a scant 17 min before the contest deadline (11:59 Eastern Time): *******www.keshasparty****/us/node/4778 We can't thank those that helped out with this enough!!! They are all truly, truly amazing and talented people. 4. WILL THERE BE ANOTHER VIDEO? Yes. It is still in the very, very early stages of planning. 5. YOUR VIDEO LOOKS SO GOOD; HOW DO I HIRE YOU TO FILM OUR [INSERT VIDEO PROJECT]? Ok, I made this one up. But if you or anyone you know is interested in professional video work, shot on really amazing cameras (shot by us or Andersen Studios), email us at: teddiefilms(at)gmail**** 6. WHERE DID THOSE STORM TROOPER OUTFITS COME FROM, WHO IS THE BLACK & GOLD TROOPER, WHY IS THAT TROOPER WEARING HEELS, ETC.? *Disclaimer: This is information I've gotten from other people. If anything in this answer is incorrect, send us a message and we'll try to get it fixed. - All the legitimate trooper and Darth Vader outfits were provided and worn by members of a local costuming club. The only ways we know of to obtain such outfits are to spend lots of money buying one (search online) or spend less money but more time building your own (once again, search online). - The black and gold trooper is called a Nova Trooper. According to the members of the costuming club, it is a really rare suit and this might be the first time a Nova Trooper has ever appeared in a video. - The trooper with the heels is called a Femtrooper.