[RenIchi Doujinshi] But I'm a Boy!

By: LightShirosakiSoul


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DON'T LIKE; DON'T WATCH! YAOI!! This doesn't belong to me, not one bit...this belongs to the person who drew all of it. I just wanted to share it is all. There is some...I dunno, hardcore/semi-hardcore *shrug* Whatever you call it, I guess. Oh, and I picked songs my friend said to put, but one was my decision. Title: But I'm a boy! Circle/Mangaka: Chocolate Junkie Fandom: Bleach Pairing: Abarai Renji / Kurosaki Ichigo Warnings: Smut, boysex (there's slight Jinta liking Ren, not much) Crush- Mandy Moore A little Bit- Jessica Simpson Fat Lip- Sum41 If you want it to be good Girl (Get yourself a Bad Boy)- Backstreet Boys (whoopsie...had the wrong one ^^; ) AND I'M BEGGING YOU, DO NOT FLAG THIS! I KNOW THIS'S STUPID OF ME, BUT IF THIS IS TAKEN DOWN AND I GET BOOTED OFF THIS SITE...I'LL BE BOTH PISSED AND CRYING. download it here: http://community.livejournal.com/bleach_doujin/79706.html
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