Sandaran Hati by Letto - Final Fantasy VII AC & CC

By: Fighter1106


Uploaded on October 24, 2008 by Fighter1106 Powered by YouTube

Yo, I came back with my latest video... this time, I used a song by Letto, called Sandaran Hati..

When I first listened to the song, I really think that it was quite boring but when I listened to it everyday on the Indonesian drama, " Wulan ".. it became my favourite song.. hoho..

This song was actually recomended by a friend of mine, who felt that this song brought special meaning into his life..

So, I decided to dedicate this video to him and the girl he loves..

So, this video was created on the last day of PMR after school, so it kinda became my first project after PMR..

So, the main point of this video... is actually on Cloud and Tifa... also on Aerith and Zack... who died leaving their beloved friend behind.

Cloud confused about his feelings towards Tifa because he still can't forget Aerith. But in the end, he realized that Tifa had always been there for him... every day and every night.

Cloud realized that Tifa is his " sandaran hati".

Alright then, enjoy...

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