Japanese BB Airsoft Guns Shop: Hot Tokyo Tour

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☆☆Here is the link to the shop☆☆ *******www.echigoya***.jp/    ☆☆Please use biodegradable BB's and remember...
☆☆Here is the link to the shop☆☆ *******www.echigoya***.jp/    ☆☆Please use biodegradable BB's and remember to be responsible. Never point the barrel directly at any one or around your face. People loose their eye all the time with these things! ☆☆ And to the NRA guys who are having a tough time with the administration's actions for tougher gun control, this is not a bad option. Remember, majority of guns used by Mexican gangs and urban kids are made in the continental USA. We need to take serious responsibility, and it's the irresponsible ones who ruin it for the rest of us. Japan has an intense gun regulation and keeps them off the street. But they are giving people BB guns instead of a real weapon. (Remember these guys didn't come from militias, they carried Samrai swords.) The shop is closer to JR's ShinOkubo Station than Shinjuku. Thanks for checking out the video and I hope you can subscribe. I make weekly videos on this channel. Who knows, maybe I could get you to make a video response one of these days?