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Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, PSV Release Date: Oct 30th, 2012 Genre: Racing Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Criterion Games Official Website: Official Description: "Get an exclusive inside line on the features of the Most Wanted Single Player campaign and see Fairhaven City, the game's connected open world setting, like never before. See the new footage from Fairhaven City, home to the 10 Most Wanted drivers, who stand in your way of becoming the Most Wanted. With all cars being available at the start, if you can find it, you can drive it. Examine firsthand how the Easy Drive system allows for truly seamless driving experience with no pausing necessary. Drive or go directly to a race's starting line, and swap cars and performance mods to suit any condition or driving style, all without ever having to leave gameplay or leaving the open-world behind. Beat the competition using all new features of Autolog 2, pull off monstrous drifts to earn Speed Points which contribute to unlocking performance modifications and secure your rank on The Most Wanted List amongst your friends and rivals."
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