2012 Bigbang Cover - Blue

By: ashilia4life


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Big Bang is back and so is JD Relic with a special English cover for all of you VIP's and Kpop fans! Have you been feeling "Blue" with their new release? =)

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It has been a goal of mine to one day meet Big Bang (since my first cover was Heartbreaker), which is part of the reason why I'm entering this contest. Thank you for all of your support.

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And special thanks for Ashilia who helped me film this MV and work on the production.

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"Baby Don't Cry" and "Top That"
All songs were composed by JD Relic.

DL Cover Here:http://www.mediafire.com/?ycjgfudd3v0je00

Instrumental Here:http://www.mediafire.com/?eh4zaellsuiaapm

The Winter's gone and the spring has come
We've withered away
Our hearts are torn from the yesterdays

Im singing my blues
I'm used to the tears, the doubt and the fears That hold me oh
Im singing my blues
I hope you can see
Im loosing my grip on you oh oh

We're looking up into the same old sky except that you and I
Are further from the place we used to love
I am leaving you with just a word
Yea It's selfish girl
But I have never been that good with words
Oh this could be the end of our dream
No one can help me
Maybe this is our final scence
Watch the curtain closing drop down low
to bad now Ive got nothing to show

The moment I met you this I Know
I'd always Let my loving show
But I have lost my way into the blue
And when I close my eyes I pray we'll see it through

I wish that I could feel my cold heart
But We're so far apart, just like the ocean that's between our love
Your type of love is like a trauma
When all is said and done
Ill dry my tears and think of what we were
My apathy is all Ive got for now
Nothing gonna hold me down
I cant take your complicated run around
And I don't care if you aint there for me now
Cause I got a new sound
People come and go like downtown

And when the night has come and were underneath the stars
Thinking what went wrong
Falling asleep alone, but you always know
that even in my dreams I sing this song....

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