1st Day of 40 Day Fast - (Water Only Fast - 1st of 3 Forty Day Fasts)

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I am beginning a 40 day fast, and if possible, the 1st 40 day fast of 3 separate, consecutive 40 day, water...
I am beginning a 40 day fast, and if possible, the 1st 40 day fast of 3 separate, consecutive 40 day, water only fasts. (A water fast is one in which only water is consumed.) These three water fasts will be separated by 7 days of eating - (the days of Passover Week) - so the 3 fasts will consist of a 40 day fast before Passover Week and a 40 day fast immediately following Passover Week. While breaking the fast during Passover, only "Kosher for Passover" foods will be eaten. After this, there will be a 40 day fast following four days of eating during Shavuot/Pentecost. I post this information with every video. I am fasting for spiritual reasons, the primary motivations being to become the woman G-d wants me to be, to know and do what He wants me to do, and to, in general, become the person He wants me to become. I am NOT doing this for the purposes of weight loss, cleansing, experimentation, record setting, health, or for any other non-religious alterior motive. Nor am I doing this for anyone else, though other individuals have asked me to pray for certain things during this time. I plan on fasting up until passover week begins, (the evening of April 8), which would make it ~41 days of fasting, since I last ate on February 26, at 11:58pm. I will eat during passover, as instructed in the Torah, and then begin the second 40+ day fast, which will end with the beginning of Shavuot (Pentecost) on May 29, in the evening. The third fast will start the evening of June 1, and is to end on the evening of July 11. I will be eating no food and drinking only water for 40 days, until Passover begins. At which time, I will break the fast by eating the passover meals and matzah bread (unleavened bread or bread without yeast) and foods allowed during the passover week, (equivalent to approximately one meal or less a day, all in total). Immediately following that week, I hope to begin the second 40 day fast, which will end on Shavuot (the day of Pentecost), so, in actuallity, it will be an additional 42-43 days of fasting. The third fast should last exactly 40 days after that. Though no one has ever gone more than 63 days without eating before death, I feel confident that with eating the passover meal/food each day during the passover week, and with God's protection, I will be able to finish the three 40 day fasts. I assure you, I will NOT risk death. If at any time I feel my life is in danger, I will stop without hesitation. This type of fast (a water only fast) is identical to the fast Moses, Jesus, and others have achieved, which means consuming nothing but water. However, Moses did not consume water, and Jesus did only one 40 day fast. Fasting for 40 days at least once was what I was initially striving for, but if on the last day of Passover Weak, I do not feel my health will be in danger, I hope to fast for 40 more days, thus completing two 40 day fasts. Then, I hope to fast once more for an additional 40 days, resulting in three consecutive forty day water only fasts. I am aware of the admonitions to keep fasting private, along with the consequence of losing rewards for not doing so. I am normally a very quiet and private person. However, I feel information like this, being made available to the public, could be both motivational to the Spiritual, and informational to the Scientific. I searched for specific knowledge on fasting, but found few details concerning fasts lasting longer than a week or so. I want my fasting to benefit both myself and G-d, but also others who may be helped by deciding to do the same thing. For these reasons, I will provide information on both the physical aspects and spiritual changes I experience daily, during the 40 day fast(s). This will include levels of hunger, energy, spiritual perception, weight loss, and both problems and benefits I experience. Weight amounts are only being publicly disclosed to confirm the validity of the fast itself. In the interest of full disclosure, and at my husband's insistance, I am taking a multivitamin, which commonly include vitamins/minerals such as iron, potassium, sodium, B12, etc., one - two times a day. I have made entirely sure that these contain NO calories, protein, or sugars in any form. This is to ensure that, though I am drinking nothing but water, the risk of injury is at a minimum, and that the stringent definition of 'fasting' is not violated. This fast started at 11:58 P.M., February 26, 2009. If you have done this before, or have questions, please comment and leave your suggestions.