Knux is a Lumberjack, but Thats OK!

By: lightsen


Uploaded on December 27, 2007 by lightsen Powered by YouTube

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just a short movie I made while I was part way through the bigger ones.
this took a LONG time to make though and I have used slightly better pictures on it. xD but im really happy with the result!

*NOTE* this was purely made for a laugh, I am not bashing SEGA or the charatcer Knuckles the Echidna (I am a knuckles fan all the way!) so please do not flame or crit this movie
thanks :)

last but not least - ENJOY! :D

The movie and All pictures are (C) Naysu (aka) Lightsen
- Knuckles, tails, espio and shadow are (C) SEGA Sonic Team
- The Song is from a monty python film
movie was made in movie maker

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