Nikita || Crack #1

By: MarianaProdz


Uploaded on June 15, 2012 by MarianaProdz Powered by YouTube

NOTE: Don't take this too seriously. This was made for fun only with no intend to insult any aspect of this show. It's only mine and my cousin's dirty/mean/crazy minds working after our study time for exams. Me and my cousin spend the weekdays together and we have exams next week so we study most of the day. However, after studying time we worked on this. We have a huge list with cool stuff for crack so expect a few more parts for this nikita crack! This is my fist crack video ever so I hope it's not to bad and that you have good laughs :D Songs/Audio used: Barbie is a Bitch Because I Got High asdfmovie3 Big Girls Don't Cry Boyfriend Friday I Believe I Can Fly I'm Awesome Oh it's Magic Up All Night What's My Name Stole My Heart SPECIAL THANKS TO MY COUSIN BECAUSE SHE GAVE ME HILARIOUS IDEAS! Follow us on Twiter :) Mine @HolyMikita and my cousin's @CarrotsSmith
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