Cheryl Pepsii Riley - Let Me Be Me

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this is my theme song! go buy the album :)


Oh let me be me
'Cause that's all I know how to be, yeah

Verse 1:
Someone asked me a long time ago
I think it was backstage before one of my shows
(they wanted to know)
If I could have anything in the world
what would it be and I said (I said)
It's really quite simple
Just let me be me

With my music and movies
Good food and some real sleep
Best friends and my family
Yeah, that gives me peace

My Chuck Taylor hightops
My laugh and my Bible
If u wanna see happy
Just let me be me

Verse 2:
It's funny as I think
Of how I wasn't always here
I usta to be a people pleaser
'Cause I really thought they cared
(Everybody's got opinions)
But everybody's got opinions
On what they think u should be
Hey, I was so glad the day
(I am so glad)
I learned to say just let me be me


(I know that I'm strong)
I don't need to fit in
I don't need to belong
(I know who I am)
And it's okay by me
U don't understand 'cause
(I'll continue to grow)
And the first step for me
Was when I learned to say no
(If u can't get wit me)
If u can't get wit me
Just don't judge me
I just wanna be me

Chorus (2x)

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