(Hi-Rez Version) Salsa! for Piano and Keyboards, Chapter 1.

By: dablackfox101


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Hey guys this is my first video!! Its a part of a cool piano podcast that I found on itunes, its by david spurnger, any piano players out there? I sure hope so! thanks, rate and comment! enjoy. -dablackfox101

This is the higher resolution video podcast covering Chapter 1 from 'Salsa!' for Piano and Keyboard.

Check out how easy it is to bring the spicy sounds of the Caribbean to your piano playing! Some of the main ingredients here are cookin' rhythms and chords played with just the right 'voicings' that will enable you to create 'south of the border' heat on your keyboard. Almost too much fun to be classified as lessons...

Full library of video piano lessons can be found online at:

The blues is a foundational music style, meaning that if you learn to play the blues, you'll be able to incorporate it's spicy sounds into:

Gospel Music, Rock and Roll, Worship Music, Black Gospel Music, Country Music, Jazz, and Folk Music.

Lots of stuff to chomp on in this site - enjoy!

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