A Sexy Red Flower in the Desert: Sonia's Souk [18+]

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Written by Robert C. Criswell (Apr. 2004)
"The dancer enters the room to the sounds of Arabic guitar gently opening the phrases of a classical cabaret song. Making her way to the Persian carpet in the center of the floor, all eyes gather to her. As the drums begin, and she moves with grace to the music, her spell begins, and the dance unfolds. Sparkling eyes and a bright smile charm her onlookers. A shimmering veil and gems and sequins move upon her costume, casting reflections of fractured light to the eyes of her audience with each effortless movement. For the moment, all else is forgotten, and there is only the dancer, becoming one with the song, becoming one with the audience, and becoming one with the dance! And all too soon it is over, and she bows, collecting applause before she glides away, leaving her spellbound audience behind... If it sounds like a scene from a classic Egyptian film, it isn't. This happens weekly in Chicago, Illinois, for this is the home of Sonya, and this is what she does best. Anyone who has seen her dance will attest to her presence on the stage, in the nightclub, or in the restaurant. Such a dedicated and talented performer is certainly fated for great things. Sonya hopes every day for greater opportunities to learn and teach and perform her chosen craft. It is this intense foc This dream, and her passion to follow it, has carried her to her current state of recognition as one of the rising stars of the Midwest.

More Video Clips: http://www.sonyassouk.com/dancerindex.html

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