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The various versions, including the original of this song, are available for download at the german sprite website:

***About The Song:
"Falling Away," was a song created solely for Sprite, and used in their Liquid Freedom ad, by Lindsay Jehan, Hugh Wilson, Andy Bloch, and Morgan Visconti at Human Worldwide. All four are credited with writing the track, while Hugh Wilson did the vocals, and Lindsay Jehan did the instruments.

*** Benjamin Pacheco and Evermore have nothing to do with this song and do not deserve any credit for it...Pacheco created a different song called "Counting Backwards" used in the exact same Sprite commercial where people jump into the basketball court pool. There are two versions of this commercial which are exactly the same except for the audio, one has the "Falling Away" track by Human Worldwide, and the other has Pacheco's track, "Counting Backwards" -- two commercials: same visual, different audio. Evermore is a New Zealand band which got falsely credited for "Falling Away" over Limewire and is not affiliated with this song at all.

More information on this and lyrics found @ http://www.duncans.tv/2005/sprite-basketball-pool
Let me know if the ad is still showing in your country..Thanks.

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