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VISIT http://www.lotsofbigtrucks.com. This is the theme song to "Lots and Lots of Trucks" a unique truck music video featuring entertainment and many sing along songs you'll find in the 2 DVD Set with Free Bonus Audio CD -- "Lots & Lots of Trucks" for kids. It makes a great gift for a child or grandchild and is perfect for playing at birthday parties. As Seen ON TV -- Not Available in Stores! Jam-packed with lots of ground-pounding, dirt-flying, close-up action and sounds. You'll see trucks of every shape and size; no other DVD collection has as many different kinds of trucks as this one. You'll thrill to the crunching power of massive steam shovels, watch in awe as mighty logging machines saw through massive trees in seconds and witness real fire-fighting rigs in action! Plus, there's tow trucks, toy trucks, monster trucks, farm tractors and trucks, cool racing trucks and more! See everything from big-rigs on the road and garbage trucks to giant dumpers, mini-dozers, and excavators.

Spectacular camera footage, award-winning sing-a-long music by James Coffey and lots of non-stop action of these mighty machines are a favorite among kids from 3 -- 93! See more trucks and other DVD's at http://www.marshallpub.com.


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