Get "WIFI" Anywhere You Have Cell-Phone Service! (Mac, PC)

By: inventorkid13


Uploaded on February 14, 2010 by inventorkid13 Powered by YouTube
Today I will show you a relatively simple process called tethering. It allows you to take a cell phone that has Internet access, and use it on a computer. Example: you're driving, you get stranded, And your phone's screen is broken so you really cant text for help ( 911 is also not available) of course this is all just a scenario I've made up. You could also be in school without WiFi although you have your phone and a laptop. You simply want to be able to take your phone's Internet and use it on your laptop. That's what I'm going to show you how to do... This process is known as "tethering", as long as you have free cell phone Internet, your bill will not increase in cost. If your plan does not contain free Internet, your bill will spike. So be careful. I hope you all enjoy this tutorial, have a good day.


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