Scary Paranormal Video - Ouija Board Gone Wrong Caught on Tape!

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Scary paranormal video Ouija board gone wrong caught on video! Part 1. After the completion of the storm sh...
Scary paranormal video Ouija board gone wrong caught on video! Part 1. After the completion of the storm shelter scary prank videos, Trev and Franklin decide to go back to the property to find out what or who was throwing rocks and making odd sounds. This time they use the Ouija board game to communicate with the dead, so they thought. However someone had been on the property all day watching them, and they had no idea that their lives were in jeopardy, the outcome of the video is very disturbing scary stuff....enjoy! This is for entertainment and yes it is fake. Scary paranormal videos Ouija board gone wrong part 2: ***********/watch?v=bI4Iv81HokU Keywords: Ghost Videos, Paranormal, exorcism, poltergeist, demon, funny, scary stuff, Experiences, Panic Attack Videos _________________________________________ ABOUT US We all love a good scare, and if you love pranks, scary videos and weird stuff or things gone wrong, you've come to the right place. Panic Attack Videos offers the best scary videos, funny pranks and funniest bloopers. We love setting up our friends and family and capturing people's awesome reactions on film for everyone to see. From scaring the crap out of their friends to making really spooky videos is the thing they enjoyed most. Laugh along to the hilarious reactions of people as they are caught off guard and everything is caught on video. Other Videos that will make you Jump, Scream, Cry and laugh Visit us *******scaryvideosonline**** See us on Twitter! *******twitter****/#!/scarypranks01 See us on Facebook! And keep updated on our scary pranks and scary videos. *******www.facebook****/panicattackvideos _________________________________________ SCARY OR FUNNY PRANK IDEA Do you have a scary or funny prank idea? Submit your idea to us by channel comment or email us at panicattackvideoshotmail**** ________________________________________ OTHER SCARY VIDEOS AND FUNNY PRANKS- Really Scary Video Scary Video gone wrong chased by DEVIL Worshipers in woods Part 1 -- scariest video ever ***********/watch?v=b2hfl2T-ndY Epic Scare Prank! Girl Freaks Out -terrifying ***********/watch?v=Dgau6lYBnAE Scary Pranks-unbelievable video man jumps through a window - chilling ***********/watch?v=qujr9jweb4Q Scary Video Ouija board gone wrong! Guy attacked by stranger Part 1- scary ghost videos ***********/watch?v=G6gSDM3Qfhk Scary Video Man beaten to death!! Unbelievable video caught on tape- creepy ***********/my_videos?feature=mhum Scary video pranks - Compilation - Best Collection of pranks-scary clips ***********/watch?v=EnsxRxVGtFs Scary Pranks Best Collection Ever -People's Reactions- Hilarious! - real ghost footage ***********/watch?v=U7UUs9LzlGQ Scary Prank Girl has strange facial reaction!! Funny ***********/watch?v=REOohm0L-JU Real Ghost caught on tape at a Real Haunted House -scary ghost video! ***********/watch?v=NhRQ5Yqhxu8 Demon possession by Ouija board - scariest videos ever ***********/watch?v=zdM9iQxM3wU Really scary videos ghost voice caught on tape! Haunted House frightening ***********/watch?v=KvXlj1AKszg Scary Prank on two girls Shocking! Paranormal activity terrifying ***********/watch?v=qujr9jweb4Q Most scariest videos, the scariest videos, scary movie, worlds scariest video, really scary videos, short film, ghost hunters, ghost adventures, real ghost videos, ghost video, terror, paranormal activity 3 _________________________________________- Really scary Music was provided by Jason Shaw Released under Creative Commons license 3.0 Song title: The Great Unknown Composer Jason Shaw Website: *******audionautix****