Maria Menounos Strips Down After Losing Super Bowl Bet

By: Hollyscoop


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Maria Menounos was a sight for sore losers yesterday in the middle of Times Square decked out in nothing but a skimpy red white and blue bikini! But she wasn't just going on all patriotic on us...the die hard Pats fan lost a bet and had to wear a Giants bikini while hosting Extra! The 33-year-old made the bet against her colleague HYPERLINK "" A.J. Calloway . She agreed that if the Pats lost she would wear the bikini. Lucky for all the guys out there, God is a Giants fan!! Even though Menounos was a little nervous about being practically naked for the world to see, she was a great sport about the whole ordeal, tweeting a picture of herself beforehand, covered up in a robe and wrote: "Time to face the music." And while most girls would need about three weeks to prepare their bikini body for a stunt like this, all the rock hard-bodied host needed was a spray tan!
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